first 2 days of christmas vacation!

after casey drove us through the night, we got to my parents house around 8:30 yesterday morning. as always, it felt great to be back in texas with my family. 

i got busy almost right away helping my mom bake tons of goodies. we made peanut clusters, butterscotch haystacks, sugar cookies with cherries, sugar cookies with sprinkles, fudge, peppermint bark, and magic cookie bars. we taste tested everything and it all tasted amazing – of course.  🙂


while all the action was happening in the kitchen, casey was taking a much needed snooze on the couch. 

trevor and anna arrived shortly after my dad got home from work. we all ate dinner and hung out. we walked over to linda and gary’s house – my aunt and uncle – so we could visit with some folks. it as fun, but we didn’t stay long. we were all super tired and i needed to get to bed so i could get up and…


i woke up in a state of denial. i was in denial that i had to run 20 miles, i was in denial that i could run 20 miles, and i was in denial that there was an 80% chance of rain and it was 40 degrees outside – i’ve run in colder weather, but never when wet!

the first 8 miles were just fine. the rain held off so i took the opportunity to take some pictures while i ran.

it started raining around mile 8. luckily, it didn’t last long so it was sort of refreshing. 4 miles went by and it started raining again. this time it wasn’t as hard, but it never really stopped. a steady light rain for the last 8 miles…

with about 4 miles left, i got really tired and the pain started to set in. my arches, knees, hips, and back hurt, but i kept going. i wanted to maintain the pace i had been going the whole time. for the last 3 miles, it felt like my body was a separate entity like it was moving on it’s own…doing it’s own thing. it was an odd feeling. 

with 1 mile left, i had to start talking out loud to myself. the lower half of my body was  so desperate for me to be done that i literally had to talk out loud to it. i had to persuade my legs to keep moving, to stay strong. i had to convince my back, knees, and feet that the end was near…just a bit longer…

my goal was to finish in 3.5 hours. i finished in 3 hours and 23 minutes. perfect. i may have shed a tear or two because i was so happy to have completed that distance. and that i was FINISHED.


20 miles on a cold, rainy christmas eve day in texas. a run i’ll never forget!

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