i hope everyone’s christmas was special and merry! mine definitely was!! we all took our time getting up, but even still, we all made it down stairs by 8:30. christmas is too exciting to sleep in too late! we all started off the morning with coffee…and then more coffee…with peppermint mocha creamer.

the boys chilled in the living room 

while my mom got started on the breakfast casserole 

while breakfast was cooking, we decided we should open presents. here are some highlights: 

my dad got a huge knife! 

mom got a rice cook/food steamer! 

trevor got nose hair clippers – which, according to anna, is also a gift for her. haha! 

they also go pass the pigs, which is one of the best games ever! 

casey got a legit piano tie! i think he should be required to wear it for KYA’s new year’s eve gig! 

casey and i got a fancy coffee/tea/espresso maker! i already love it!

after presents, we ate breakfast casserole and jalapeno bacon. YUM!

after breakfast we decided to play phase 10. we played and played and played.  the game lasted around 3.5 hours!  here’s a picture i took probably half way through the game: 

anna won. good job anna!

our christmas movie of choice for the day was home alone 2, which was perfect for me because i had just seen the first home alone a couple weeks earlier. after the movie it was dinner time. on the menu was steak, parmesan tilapia, potatoes, and broccoli! it was delicious! after dinner we just hung around the house and continued our day of relaxing, fun fellowship, which of course, is my most favorite part of christmas! all in all, this year’s christmas was wonderful!!


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