last days in texas…

WARNING, the following blog contains graphic images. reader discretion is advised. 

after the christmas morning festivities, trevor and i decided to do a workout. he just became a certified crossfit instructor and was going to show me an “AMRAP” workout -as many reps as possible. while i was inside getting ready, trevor hung the pull up bar in the door way to the garage, in which we planned to do our workout. when i walked into the garage i tried to close the door behind me. when it didn’t close all the way, i opened it back up to see what was blocking it. when i did that, the pull up bar fell from the door frame…onto my head! 

i bent over, clutching my head. trevor saw it happen and asked if i was OK. i wasn’t. it. hurt. bad. 

i pulled my hand away from my head to see if it was bleeding. i honestly wasn’t expecting it to be. but it was…a lot.


now, keep in mind that i’m on blood thinner, so the blood pouring down my face is slightly exaggerated. the actual cut is probably a centimeter long. i do have a nice sized bruised area though. good thing it’s above my hairline! 

and you better believe after i got cleaned up, trevor and i still do our workout. i did mine a little slower though. 🙂


on monday, we celebrated christmas with my extended family. 

it was so good to see everyone!

here are some highlights from family christmas:


casey and chelsea are almost twins!


we got games!


me and my new cousin!


what a bunch of beautiful people!

it was a great day. i love getting to see my family!

tuesday i woke up feeling pretty bad. i was really congested and felt tired and sluggish. casey, my mom, and i went out to run a few errands. we hit up best buy, old navy, and REI. we also ate at freebirds! mmmmmmmm

tuesday evening me and my mom met up with linda and chelsea to eat dinner and then go to painting with a twist. it was my first time to do the whole group painting class thing. i wish i hadn’t felt like crap because i think i would have had a much better time. i still had fun though.

here are some pictures:


me and mom!





can’t tell what it is?

water lilies! 

wednesday night we went out to dinner with my mom and dad. it was quite enjoyable. after dinner it was time for casey and i to head home. we packed up our stuff, said our goodbyes, and left. 

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