first weekend of the new year!

it was great!

friday night casey and i did a little shopping in trussville. we hit american eagle, aeropastale, and tj maxx. we got some new curtains for the living room and dining room and a new quilt for our bed from tj maxx. i’ve been looking for new curtains and a new bed spread for quite some time now and never found anything i really loved. who knew i’d find both things at tj maxx?! not me. score!

i got a couple of shirts from american eagle that were on sale. one was $10 and one was $7.50. score!

the only reason i go to aeropastale is to look for jeans. i’m not a fan of their middle school prep style clothes, but i’ve come to accept that their jeans just work for me. and it’s a bonus that they are usually on sale for cheap! i got 3 pairs of jeans for $55 total! you can hardly get one pair of jeans for that price these days! score!

due to my ridiculous indecisiveness, shopping took way longer than we expected. it was 8pm and we hadn’t had dinner, so we decided to grab some food before heading home. we decided to try a place called rock-n-roll sushi. it was fantastic! the staff was friendly, the laid back “rock-n-roll” atmosphere was a nice change from the typical “fancy” sushi places, and the sushi was some of the best i’ve had. i will definitely be going back. a lot. score!


on saturday i woke up bright and early to start my 21 mile run. since this was a solo run, i knew i’d have to do something to make this run different so that i could get through it.

so saturday morning there happened to be a 10 mile race in homewood. so 7 miles into my run, i “coincidentally” arrived in the area the race started around the time it was starting and the race route “happened” to be the route i was running so i had some company for the next 7 miles. it definitely helped keep my mind busy and made time go by faster.

i won’t say that i ran “bandit” because i didn’t start at the starting line, i didn’t finish at the finish line, i only ran 7 out of 10 miles of the race, and i didn’t take any of the water or gatorade at the stations along the course. 

the last 7 miles were painful and slow! my feet felt like they were going to shatter into a million pieces. BUT i did it and i’m still alive to tell the tale!


saturday afternoon, after taking an ice bath and resting on the couch for a couple hours, i met amy at the summit to eat a late lunch at flip burger boutique. we split a burger and fries and it was delicious! i only eat red meat a few times a year so i try to make it worth it and it was definitely worth it this time. 

we followed lunch with a little pinkberry action. i wanted to check it out to see what all the fuss is about. 

PROS: cup size options –including a mini size, which was perfect, waffle cones –not that i’d ever get one, salted caramel flavored yogurt –OH MY GOODNESS!
CONS: only 6 flavors, nothing special about the toppings, it’s not self serve -the best thing about frozen yogurt places is getting to create your own delicious concoction!
BOTTOM LINE: i’m still a loyal yogurt lab customer!

saturday night casey and i, along with some other folks, went to dinner at our pastor’s house. it was a lot of fun! when it was time to leave, the real party animals -me, casey, andy, mary beth, brooke, and cleve- headed to parkside to grab a some drinks and hang. it was a lot of fun too!

the whole day -minus the running part- was just what i needed: food, fun, and fellowship with some fabulous friends! –i’m pretty good at alliteration…

sunday was the perfect lazy day. i skipped church because i was dog tired. i woke up on my own with no alarm, which felt amazing! amy and brian came over after church to eat lunch, watch a movie, and hang out. i stayed in my PJ’s all day and it was glorious. 

i’d say the first weekend of the new year was a wild success!!

how was yours?!


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