what’s been going on, you ask?

i will tell you…even if you didn’t really ask!

i will also use my usual bullet point formatting for easy reading. you’re welcome.


  • i ran 15 miles and it was OK. my pace was great, but about half way through my old ankle injury made a reappearance. i was very discouraged and had to stop about once a mile to stretch out my tendons. bummer. here’s my stats:


*special shout out to oliver, who lives at starbucks and cheers me on when i stop there for bathroom breaks and water re-fills!

  • both of the dogs had a vet’s appointment. we’ve never taken them both at the same time and we probably never will again. it was annoying. bella had to get all her annual stuff done: shots, blood work, heart worm test, poop test, etc. all tests came back negative, which is positive. ellie just had to get one shot. they both got their nails cut too, which i’m sure they actually loved because their nails had grown way too long and were more like talons –it’s really their own fault though because they won’t let us cut them ourselves.
  • ashley and i went to trussville to do some shopping and get some food. we hit up target and old navy. i scored some sweet threads. i ate sushi and ashley ate a burger and fries (i ate half of her fries). the amount of fries that comes in one serving at 5 guys verges on absurd. after dinner we watched SNL and get really tired. ashley went home and i fell asleep on the couch. par-tay animals.


  • we churched it up as usual. the sermon was AWESOME. you can hear it here:  http://www.trinitybirmingham.com/worship/sermon_audio/ it’s the january 15th one by alan story…definitely worth a listen.
  • we visited with the mezzell trio, which was fun as usual. look how cute they are!



  • casey didn’t have to work due to MLK day, so i took the day off too. we took our time getting up and eventually made our way to wal-mart. my indecisiveness caused us to stay at wal-mart WAY too long. i am in the market for new bedding and bathroom stuff. i finally decided on some stuff and then took it back the next day. that’s pretty normal for me. we DID buy a steam cleaner and i am pumped about it! i can’t wait to steam our carpet and couches!!


  • tuesday night casey and i, along with matt, brooke, and cleve, went to an immigration 101 discussion at a local church. we are acquaintances with the pastor and his wife, matt and katie. matt lead the discussion and it was really really enlightening. everything i heard and learned just confirmed my opposition to the immigration law that alabama has recently passed. 
  • after the discussion, we all went to urban standard to eat dinner and hang out. we talked about a ton of random things and had some really great food. the salad i ate was one of the best salads of my life. top 3 for sure.  


  • wednesday is my fusion group night. the new high school youth minister sat in on our group and it was…interesting. we did what we normally do, acted the way we normally act, and said the things we normally say. it took someone new being in the room for us all to realize just how SILLY we really are and i’m pretty sure we all loved it! we were all laughing so hard we were crying. i have no idea what the new minister thinks of us, but i think we are pretty awesome. i love my 10th grade girls! 


  • low key night at home with casey. perfect. 


  • me and casey met my FABULOUS in-laws, bill and rita, for lunch at v. richard’s. it was a really nice visit despite the rain!
  • me, casey, andy, mary beth, brooke, cleve, matt, and katie met up at rock-n-roll sushi to eat and chill. it was fun!


  • i was supposed to get up and run 22 miles, but there was a high chance of rain so i wasn’t sure if it would happen. i woke up at 6 and checked the weather. it was wet outside, but not raining, but weather.com said there was a 95% chance of thunderstorms at 9am. 22 miles = 4 hours at least, which meant if i went running, i’d get caught in the rain. no thanks. PLUS, we were under a tornado watch until noon. i just hung around for a bit and then decided that since i didn’t run on friday and wasn’t doing my long run, i’d do a slow 3 miles just to give my legs something to do. right when i finished there was a huge crack of thunder and it started pouring. perfect timing!
  • after the run i went grocery shopping, which is not my favorite thing. i’m terrible at it. i need to get better about meal planning and REMEMBERING MY COUPONS!
  • our friends’, chris and kelly, son had his 5th birthday party at the church, so we went up there and hung out. we pretty much just watched a bunch of kids go nuts! it was really funny and kinda scary. hudson is such a cool kid. happy birthday, bud! here’s hudson modeling the present casey picked out for him:


  • after the party we went to eat at the mexican place by our house. i LOVE fajitas and sometimes i make casey split them with me. i hope he doesn’t mind. these fajitas were extra good because we hadn’t eaten anything significant since breakfast! YUM!


  • we followed dinner with a movie. we saw hugo and it was really good! i recommend it. i’m sure casey will be doing a review soon, so be sure to check it out here!


  • my goal was to be up and running by 6am. so naturally i woke up at 6:20. oops. i have a bad habit of turning my alarm off in my sleep. i managed to start my run right at 7. i had 3 goals for this run: 1. finish, 2. stay as close to 11 minute miles as possible (goal marathon pace), and 3. stay positive! i accomplished all 3 goals! i also decided not to stop my watch when i stopped since i won’t be stopping it during the marathon. 


overall, the run went really great! it feels awesome to have the hardest part of training behind me. i’m really excited to be in the “tapering” stage of training. it’s all downhill from here! I AM READY!

  • i did nothing the rest of the day and it was awesome!
  • casey and i saw another movie at the edge. we say haywire and it was AWFUL. so, so awful.

are you still reading?
if you are, THANKS!!



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