12 hours!

the marathon. it’s here and it’s sort of unbelievable.

you know what else is unbelievable? THE WEATHER.

when the race starts it’s supposed to be 21 degrees, but it’s supposed to feel like 11 degrees!! CRAZY COLD.

this morning, after taking 3 whole days off, i ran an easy 3 miles. i felt pretty good despite the freezing winds. the only good thing about the cold is that you go numb and can’t really feel anything..other than the cold, of course!

on my run this morning, i saw a cat in the distance walking toward me on the sidewalk. i thought, “that cat sort of looks like a raccoon.” i got a little closer and i thought, “oh crap! that IS a raccoon.” i was so caught off guard! a raccoon in broad daylight! that is not a normal occurrence being that (i think) raccoon are mostly nocturnal. it didn’t see me right away, but when it did, it stopped and took an aggressive stance. i crossed the street immediately to avoid being attacked and infected with rabies. it just stood really still and watched me run away. it was creepy.

while i don’t know if the raccoon actually had rabies, i do know, had i not crossed the street, our encounter would NOT have been a friendly one.


i’ve been training for 8 months. 3/4 of a year.
all my hard work will finally be put to use tomorrow at 7:03 when the starting gun is fired, and will culminate when i cross the finish line around 5 hours later (if all goes well).

here’s what i want (need) for tomorrow:

  • i want to do my best to stay calm (i am an anxious person, so this will be hard). i don’t want to be so anxious that i make myself and this experience miserable. this could very well be a once in a life time event so i want to try and have fun and enjoy it.
  • i want to be distracted by the people around me, the cheering spectators, the live entertainment, my music, and the freezing weather. the more distracted i am the better.
  • if/when the distractions fail and/or diminish, i want my head to be filled with positive thinking. this is obviously going to be a touch physical challenge, but it’s going to be a really tough mental challenge. i want my thoughts to stay happy and encouraging to keep me going to the end.
  • I WANT TO FINISH!! duh.
  • i want to be proud that i finished. i don’t want to get caught up in caring too much about what my pace and time ended up being or if i ended up having to walk. i want the act of finishing to be enough.

if anyone is interested in following me tomorrow, you can go here: track me!!

my bib number is 752!

also, while i do/will need and appreciate encouragement, please do not call me tomorrow morning before noon. i’ll be using my phone to listen to music and when i get calls it messes things up and then i have to wait a few minutes for the music to load. text messages, however, are more than welcome!!

also, prayers are absolutely welcome.

pre-race dinner: homemade margarita pizza and lots of H2O!!

here goes nothing!!


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