marathon: part 1

Saturday, February 11th

casey and i went to pick up my race packet. 

in the packet:

  • lots of flyers advertising upcoming races. with the exception of a couple, these were recycled. 
  • a packet of dole fruit snacks.
  • a snickers marathon bar.
  • a coupon for whole foods: buy three items, which will not be a problem, get one free!
  • a coupon for a free BBQ taco at jim ‘n nicks. apparently jim ‘n nicks has Taco Tuesdays! who knew? i guess i’ll have to check it out!
  • my mercedes marathon long sleeve tech shirt. it’s way too big, so i’ll be using it as a lounging shirt, which is fine with me.
  • my bib/tracking chip! #752!!


Sunday, February 12th


my alarm went off. 

-am i really going to try to run a marathon today?

i checked the weather on my phone.

-is it really 21 degrees?! does it really FEEL like 13 degrees?!

i got out of bed. i had gotten all my stuff ready the night before, so i didn’t really know what to do after i got dressed (capri tights, long sleeve tech shirt, sweatshirt, two pair of gloves, and a beanie). i stood around the kitchen for a while, ate a muffin, gathered my things, and headed out to pick up kat and her brother, matt (he ran the half marathon). 

yeah…it’s definitely 21 degrees out here…YIKES!


we made it to the race location, found a parking spot, and sat in the car for about 15 minutes. we decided to walk a block to the sheraton hotel to use their facilities. the lobby was packed with fellow runners. There were people from all over the place: Illinois, Tennessee, Michigan, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New York, Arizona, Texas, Canada, etc.!


we headed to the starting corral. 

-am i really about to do this?! it’s so cold! and i’m so scared!

kat and i took our positions in the 10-11 minute mile pace section. we waited. we froze. 



ready, set, GO!!! 


we crossed the starting line. i teared up a bit because it was sort of overwhelming.

-this is it. this is the moment that i’ve spent the last 8 months of my life preparing for. 


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