marathon: part 4

OOOOH. you thought i was done, didn’t you?!

i had 3 goals for the marathon:

1. finish. check 
2. finish in under 5 hours. check (4:45:41)
3. if able to finish in 5 hours, shoot for 11 minute mile pace. check (10:54 average pace; 10:47 moving pace)

here are my stats:


after i finished and got my medal and finisher hat, i went to find casey, matt, and laura. i found them pretty fast.

i also found another one of my favorite people, AMY!! i didn’t expect her to be there because she’s a new mom and her parents were in town, but she totally surprised me!! it meant so much to me to have her there. she even saw me cross the finish line! YAY!

we all headed back to the finish line to see if we could see kat finish. a few seconds after we walked up, she rounded the last turn. she was holding her son, rollins (a while back, kat decided she wanted to share her proud moment with rollins). in true rollins fashion, he was wriggling around making it hard for kat to run with him, but in true kat fashion, she managed to cross the finish line with rollins in her arms! 


kat had a great marathon and i’m so, so proud of her! 


then we headed inside to eat some food. the post race food was delicious! i had a BBQ turkey sandwich, chips, cole slaw, and an ice cold beer. everything tasted so good!

we sat and talked for a bit, bought me a long sleeve t-shirt, waited way too long for the race results to be posted, got my name and official time engraved onto the back of my medal, and then headed home…not before stopping by publix to get some ice cream. walking around publix, i still felt pretty good. i was tired and my feet and ankle hurt, but nothing unbearable. 

when i got home, i sat on the couch without moving for probably 2 hours. 

then i stood up.

-holy stiffness. 

my hips and knees were basically locked in place. i felt like a robot trying to move around the house. i’ve never been so stiff. my back was also killing me. i was honestly shocked at how stiff and sore my joints and tendons were. i also had a big bruise on my ankle where it had been hurting during the race.


i didn’t move around much the rest of the day/night. casey picked up my call in order from mugshots: a kids mushroom and swiss burger and fries (the size of the kids burger and the amount of fries that comes with it is probably still more than what an average adult needs). every bite was heaven. dinner was followed by a mug full of birthday cake ice cream. YUM!

i don’t remember what time i went to bed, but i do remember trying to get myself into bed. our bed is kinda tall and trying to lift my legs onto the bed was sort of ridiculous. it hurt so bad! 

i took monday off from work so i could get some rest and relaxation. when i woke up my joints were still stiff, but not near as stiff as they were when i went to bed. the muscle soreness had set in over night, but it wasn’t too bad. i was still able to walk around and do stuff. i slept as late as i could, which was only 9am! i was hoping it would be later. oh well. my mom bought me a massage, which was scheduled for 1 so i took my time getting ready. i stopped by kat’s house to chat with her for a bit before my massage. 

my massage was amazing and perfect. thanks mom!!

after that i went to fleet feet to get this magnet:


then i went to publix to get groceries. then i came home and did nothing the rest of the day. it was glorious. 

by wednesday, all my stiffness and soreness was gone. 

it’s sunday now. 7 days after the marathon. a lot of people told me i’d experience a depression after the race, but i didn’t really think that would happen to me. i was right. i feel great! i actually told casey the day after the marathon, “i feel free!!” and that is still true! i’m no longer tied down to a training schedule…if i don’t want to run, i don’t have to run! i can stay up late on a friday nights if i want because i don’t HAVE to do long runs on saturday mornings! i can do other forms of exercise without worrying about it making me too tired or sore to run the next day!

i’m definitely so happy that i did the marathon. the 8 months of training consumed a lot of my time, energy, and money. it was hard and took a lot of dedication, but i learned a lot from it and i’m better for it. the actual marathon was something that i’m so glad to have experienced. it’s something i’ll always remember and be proud of. looking back it really wasn’t as hard as i thought it would be.

to me, the training was definitely the most difficult part. don’t get me wrong, in no way am i diminishing the act of running a marathon. i think i just expected and prepared for the absolute worst, so when i didn’t pass out or puke or die, i was sort of pleasantly surprised, but it was still quite the physical and mental challenge! 

i know i’m going to keep running. i know i’ll definitely do 5K’s, 10K’s, and probably some half marathons. i don’t know if i’ll ever do another full marathon, but i’m not going to rule it out!

well, there you have it. my marathon experience! 

i hope you enjoyed!!

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