the versatile blogger challenge!

one of my good friends and fellow blogger, kat jones, tagged me to do this.  

the “challenge” is to list 7 random things about myself and then tag some of you to do the same!

here i go:

  1. i am very self-conscious. 
  2. i place way to much importance on decisions and things that ultimately do not matter. it’s quite tragic.
  3. i desperately wish i could sing. if i could, i would sing everywhere, especially at church.
  4. i’ve been missing having longer hair lately. i want pony tails and braids! i don’t think i’ll ever be able to grow my hair out though, so i’m contemplating buying some fun wigs.
  5. i love to read, but rarely make time for it.
  6. my favorite food is peanut butter. a day without peanut butter is extremely rare.
  7. i often entertain the idea of starting a commune and if given the right conditions, i think i’d actually do it. 

i’m supposed to tag 15 people to do this, but that isn’t happening. plus, i don’t even know if the few people i’m going to tag even read my blog regularly enough to know they’ve been tagged!  

the chosen ones:
stories about stuff
love from lubbock
ashley davis, the blog
love, kristin nicole

p.s. if any of my readers out there (not that there’s many of you) have a blog and i don’t know about it, please tell me! i’d love to read it!!



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