don’t be(e) afraid.

i’ve recently wondered if it might be possible that i’m over my fear of bees and wasps. i learned yesterday afternoon that it is not. i guess it was just my lack of encounters with these creatures as of late, that lead me to wonder.

so, yesterday, i get home and as soon as i step on our porch to go inside, a wasp gets all up in my face. i immediately screamed, flailed my arms, and ran to the driveway (i really can’t control myself when there are bees and/or wasps present…the sound that come out of my mouth and the way my body moves is produced by sheer panic). then i started crying and stood in my driveway for a few minutes. i finally walked back to the porch and into my house. CLOSE ONE! 

the funny thing is, i’m not even sure it was a wasp that flew in my face. it could have been a fly or a moth or a beetle. i didn’t matter though. it never does. my brain just automatically assumes the worst.

i’ll leave you with two drawings done by yours truly. 




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