recent happenings

  • FURNITUREa couple weekends ago we bought new furniture. the furniture we had wasn’t in terrible condition or anything, it was just worn out. we didn’t want to mess with trying to sell it, so we donated it to the lovelady center’s thrift store. they came and picked it up last saturday. we took advantage of a week with nothing in the living room by pulling everything out of our closets so we could go through things and reorganize. we also rearranged some things.

    our new furniture came on friday morning. as soon as it was in our living room, i knew arranging it was going to be tricky. even though we measured everything, it was much bigger than i imagined. i was freaking out all day at work because i was thinking it wasn’t going to work out and we’d be stuck with furniture that didn’t work or look right in our house. when casey and i got home we tried different arrangements and finally settled on the one that looked the least weird.

    after buying lamps and decorating a bit and having a couple days to get used to it, i’m starting to like it. a lot. there’s still some finishing touches that need to happen, like adding little things with pops of color since most everything is tan/brown, black, or white. it’s pretty much done though!

    pictures will be posted when everything is done (depending on how it looks).

  • the rest of the house is another story (it’s a disaster…i’ve got some major cleaning up to do this week)! don’t believe me? here’s a picture of our dining room table…image
  • COMMUNITYwe had bible study on tuesday night. i love having a group of friends to meet with every week to share what’s going on in our lives and our souls; to dig deeper, ask questions, and discuss the word; to talk about anything and everything. it’s good. real good.

    i had my fusion group on wednesday evening. halley did a lesson on love that was quite lovely. my fusion girls are so awesome. i hope they think i’m as awesome as i think they are. shout out to adair, elizabeth, hallie, kelsey, mary margaret, and samantha! and to my co-leader halley!

  • CASEY’S BIRTHDAYcasey turned THIRTY TWO on saturday! dang! i had some errands to run so i joked with him that my gift was leaving him alone to do whatever he pleased (he responded with “but i love being with you!” so sweet). he slept in, ate a red velvet cupcake for breakfast, lounged around the house, went on a motorcycle ride, ate left over spaghetti (if you know casey, you know his favorite meal is left over spaghetti…one of his gifts from his mom was left over spaghetti…seriously). that night we went to watch a roller derby bout. our friend halley (mentioned above) is on the tragic city rollers. this was our second time to see a TCR bout, but the first one was over 4 years ago. it was a lot of fun! TCR won 196 to 42!! they did awesome! we’ll definitely be checking out more bouts since they are held at the zamora temple, which is right by our house (and in case you are wondering what the zamora temple is, it’s a shriner temple).


  • RUNNINGsince the marathon, i’ve been running 3 times a week: two 3-4 miles runs and one 8-10 mile run. i’ve also been enjoying doing other forms of exercise. i’ve done the elliptical, the arc trainer, and the rowing machine. i’ve also been slowly adding strength training to my routine and i even swam once last week! it’s glorious to have variety again!

thanks for reading! love y’all!


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