will run for lattes.


the rumpshaker 5K is a race i’ve been wanting to run for the last couple years, but have never been able to. the race promotes colon cancer awareness and early detection and prevention (my grandfather died from colon cancer). 

i finally got to run in the race this past saturday! 

it was one of the best races i’ve participated in! 
the parking wasn’t as nightmarish as i thought it would be, there was plenty of friendly volunteers, everything was organized extremely well, and the after party was great! i’ll definitely keep the rumpshaker as one of my annual races!  

they even had a 20 foot walk-through inflatable colon!

i was sort of nervous about running because i had a pace/finish time goal that i really wanted to achieve. i knew i would PR since my last official 5K time was 28 minutes (9:02 pace) and that was almost two years ago!

i always set two goals when i run a race: one i’m confident i can achieve and one i’m not so confident i can achieve. (the latter is always the one i really want to achieve and the former is there to make me feel better if i don’t).  

my confident goal: run it in less than 26 minutes (8:23 pace), which was my time a couple weeks ago when i decided to run a 5k for time one day after work.

my not so confident goal: run it in less than 25 minutes (8:04 pace).

i won’t bore you with the details, but i had a great run! i finished in 24:32 (7:54 pace)!! i ended up finishing 5th in my age group (out of 64) and was the 33rd woman to finish (out of 467)! 

it might be a while before i PR again, but that’s OK! 


i rewarded myself with an extra foamy soy latte from urban standard. perfection.



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