weekly wrap-up!

i did manage to have some fun this week (like i always do).

wednesday, like every wednesday, i had my fusion group. i taught a short lesson on self control that i personally enjoyed (i plan on posting the lesson soon, so keep an eye out!). i think my girls enjoyed the lesson too. after the lesson we chatted and laughed about random things. i love my girls.

on thursday i met abby, my sister-in-law, at a local restaurant/coffee shop. we chatted for two hours about working out, healthy eating, grocery shopping/meal planning, and other things. it was lovely.

friday night we had a dinner date at sabor latino with dave and elizabeth. for one reason or another, we were all pretty tired, so it wasn’t super exciting, but i enjoyed catching up and spending time with them. it was nice to have a low-key dinner with friends. it was just what i was in the mood for.

saturday morning i found myself out and about kinda early so i decided to swing by the farmers market. i found a lot that i wanted to buy (of course), but i didn’t have cash and the ATM fee was $4! no thanks! i’ll go back…a lot. i’m not worried.

i enjoyed some good food this week!

  • spring salad (urband standard): arugula, shaved carrots & asparagus, english peas, zucchini, squash, cherry tomatoes, herb-lemon vinaigrette.
  • cafe au lait (urban standard): 1/2 french pressed coffee & 1/2 steamed soy milk. perfect.
  • fajitas (sabor latino): i LOVE fajitas (i hope casey does too because i always make him split them with me). i remembered to ask for corn tortillas this time too, which i prefer over flour (unless we are at chuy’s where the flour tortillas are made in-house and taste so fresh). 
  • goat cheese (farmer’s market): my mouth is watering as i type. i sampled a few varieties and each one was divine. i wanted to buy 5 of everything, but alas, i had no cash. i WILL return for you, cheese. mark my words.
  • naked burritos: amy turned me on to this super simple recipe – chicken, rice, black beans, corn, tomatoes, and green chilies cooked in a crock pot. instead of putting this concoction in a tortilla, we put it in bowls and top with sour cream, cheese, and the best condiment on earth, sriracha.

i got my fitness on this week (i cashed in a living social deal for boot camp classes this week)!

  • monday – boot camp!
  • tuesday – treadmill workout, which is what created this.
  • wednesday – boot camp!
  • thursday – walked the dogs!
  • friday – boot camp!
  • saturday – HIIT in the AM & a 6 mile run in the PM!
  • sunday – nothing!

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