The Cabin in the Woods


when casey and i went to see a movie tuesday night, our choices were Safe House or The Cabin in the Woods (TCITW). casey’s vote was for Safe House and mine was for  TCITW, but i settled on Safe House because i knew i’d see TCITW eventually, with or without casey. 

well, movie karma was on my side because Safe House wasn’t showing due to “technical difficulties.” TCITW for the win!

right off the bat, the movie was not what i expected. the opening scene had me wondering if we were in the wrong theater. once i was sure we weren’t, i knew the movie was going to be way better than i thought. 

it was funny – i even laughed out loud a couple times.

it was suspenseful – i was never bored. 

it wasn’t predictable – every time i thought something was going to be dumb, it wasn’t (with on exception). it also continued to exceed my expectations the whole time. i don’t think i figured anything out before it was revealed (maybe a few minor things, but nothing major).

it was clever – the plot, albeit absurd, was unique and original. for once. the concept worked and i liked it.


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