weekly wrap-up!

i had another great week!

monday, i met my friend carla for lunch at a place called trattoria centrale. it was my first time eating at this establishment and it won’t be my last! in addition to enjoying my salad, i very much enjoyed my time with carla! she’s a good friend.

monday night, casey and i went up to our church for a book release party. our friend and pastor, dave, wrote and published a book!

source (casey designed the cover)
i’m going to start reading it this week and i’m quite excited!

tuesday night, casey and i went to the movies and saw The Cabin in the Woods. you can read my review here.

friday after work, i ran in a race sponsored by UAB’s national alumni society to raise money for scholarships. i’ll be posting about it later this week.

saturday, casey was a lazy bones and stayed in bed while i went to the farmer’s market. it was a really successful trip! saturday afternoon, i met up with my friend ashley at the magic city art connection. we walked around and looked at all the art for about an hour. it was HOT, but fun. after that we headed over to the music stage to watch KIDS YOUR AGE (the band casey rocks with). they sounded great!! here they are:

(photo by my gurlfrand, leslie)

after the show, we ate food. GOOD food. saturday night, casey and i saw another movie, Jeff, Who Lives at Home. it was really good.

as usual, i had some delicious food this week!

  • my salad at the above mentioned trattoria centrale: mixed lettuces, chicken, artichokes, sweet peppers, capers, and roasted garlic. it was topped with some kind of cheese and i’m not sure what the dressing was, but it was SO good!
  • i ate at subway twice and got my usual both times: 6 inch roast beef on wheat, no cheese, spinach, onions, bell peppers, banana peppers, yellow mustard, and black pepper. mmmmmmm!
  • i made a salad sunday night that was AWESOME and will later be making an appearance on the blog.

i feel pretty good about my workouts this week. i finally mustered up the courage to try 3 different workouts from bodyrock.tv. i don’t know why i waited so long. they were tough and i had to change some of the moves because i didn’t have the right equipment, but overall, i really liked the workouts. they were only 12 minutes long, but at the end of each one i was very much out of breath!

  • monday: bodyrock workout
  • tuesday: 30 minute treadmill workout + bodyrock workout
  • wednesday: bodyrock workout
  • thursday: 30 minute treadmill workout
  • friday: 10K race
  • saturday: walked around all day at the farmer’s market and art festival
  • sunday: nothing!

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