this was my first evening 10K.


it started at 6pm and it was HOT.

i signed up for the race with two of my co-workers, jazmine and lindsay. both are runners. jazmine is a newer runner. she started training last year for the new orleans rock ‘n roll half marathon, which she ran this past march! lindsay has been a runner since college (i don’t think she considers herself one, but she is), but had never run a 10K race. she kept saying she was nervous, so i reminded her that i’ve seen her run and assured her she’d do awesome! 

i wasn’t sure how i’d do because of the heat (i’m not used to running in it yet), but i was determined to give it my best shot. my goal was to PR.

once the race started, i knew it was going to be tough. i just felt heavy. and hot. the first two miles were my fastest. the third mile was my slowest and the last three miles were pretty consistent. during the last 3 i kept telling myself, “you don’t have to speed up…you just can’t go slower.” it seemed to work. during the last three miles, the heat really started to get to me. my face was so hot. also, during the last three miles my bladder reached capacity. most of my focus was on trying not to pee in my shorts. i almost didn’t make it! i finally saw the finish line and tried to finish strong, but i don’t think i went any faster. i had nothing left and i was glad to be done!!

despite FEELING like i had a bad race, i didn’t. i PR’d by 20 seconds and got 2nd in my age group (out of 12)!! i’ll take it!*

jazmine ran the 5K and got 8th in her age group (out of 38)! 

AND if you are wondering who got first in my age group, it was LINDSAY! miss, “i’ll probably do horrible.” yeah right…she beat me by over a minute!! i’m so, so proud of her because she stepped way out of her comfort zone and totally dominated. i knew she’d do awesome and i hope this experience helps her realize that she IS, without a doubt, a runner. 

here’s the official race results: 


and here is lindsay wearing her medal!!


*my “official” time was 52:56, with an average pace of 8:32. my “unofficial” time, according to my watch, was 51:59. my watch also measured the course as 6.32 miles. at one point during the race my watch lost satellite signal for a few seconds, but seemed to pick back up where it left off. this could account for the distance/time discrepancy though. anyway, as much as i like my watch’s time/pace, i don’t feel comfortable claiming it. i wish i knew someone who wore a watch during the race so i could compare. 

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