saturday goodies!

in monday’s post, i mentioned that i went to the farmer’s market and to the magic city art connection. allow me to elaborate on that.

i went alone because casey wanted to sleep in. i didn’t mind. sometimes i prefer to go alone so i can wander aimlessly and circle the market a ridiculous number of times, which is what i ended up doing.

usually when i get there, the first thing i do is get an iced coffee. with drink in hand, i began to circle, checking out the goods.

all the goods looked good.

i ended up running into a few friends, which was nice. two friends in particular, cleve and brooke, were willing to go “halfsies” with me on strawberries and eggs. bonus! we decided our team work worked so well, we might have to do it again. and again.

  • a HUGE bunch of kale – $2 – almost gone!
  • the most delicious strawberries – $3.50 – long gone!
  • squash – $2 – half gone!
  • beefsteak tomatoes – $5 – one left!
  • 1/2 dozen eggs  – $2 – none gone!
  • mini jar of strawberry preserves – $2 – not opened yet!
  • belle chevre cinnamon goat cheese – $7 – half gone! this stuff is heavenly. for breakfast (and for snacks…and for dessert) i’ve been spreading it on waffles. mmmmm.
after the farmer’s market, i met up with ashley…
…at the magic city art connection.
it was fun walking around, looking at all the art. beautiful art, ugly art, weird art, art of all kinds for all tastes!


a soap dispenser – $24 – MUCH better than the plastic one we’ve kept and refilled for the last couple years. i love it.


mini pottery thing – $5 – the sign said it could be used as a spoon rest, tea bag holder, ring holder, or whatever i want! right now it’s just looking pretty next to our TV.


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