casey and i saw this movie a couple weeks ago. i honestly don’t remember seeing the trailer for it, so i had no idea what to expect. this movie was mostly depressing, which means i really liked it. usually, the more depressing the movie, the more i love it. before the opening scene, a quote from jeff, the main character, appeared on screen. i can’t remember it exactly, but it basically said everyone and everything is connected in this world and if you pay attention, you’ll see signs and if you follow the signs, you’ll discover your purpose. that pretty much sums up the movie. jeff spends an entire day following what he believes to be signs. signs he hopes will lead to answers about his purpose in life. the end result of his day is totally unexpected and awesome (i cried). this movie makes you rethink all the “coincidences” that happen in life. see it!!

check out casey’s review.


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