texas: day 1

if you didn’t know, this past weekend i went to austin for my cousin chelsea’s bridal shower. my being there was a surprise so i didn’t really talk about it much.

this is chelsea and her fiance, brandon

here’s what went down friday!


my mom and i woke up, ate breakfast, and visited with my aunt linda (chelsea’s mom). after that we had time to run two errands before lunch. 

  1. we went to the mall so i could get a nose ring (the one thing i forgot). 
  2. we wen to bed, bath, and beyond to get gifts for the shower.


the plan we devised to surprise chelsea was perfect. she thought she was meeting her mom and my mom for lunch, so when she got there to find me waiting at the table, she was super surprised. she had no idea i was in town!

we had an enjoyable lunch at a place called hyde park bar & grill. the food was great! we split a plate of their “award winning” fries, which were, of course, delicious. in addition to the fries and my meal, i had about three full glasses of iced hibiscus mint tea. it was goooood.

after lunch, my mom and i ran more errands for the shower. 


while my mom ran yet another errand, my dad and i went for a 2.5 mile jog around the neighborhood. we talked the whole way to keep our minds off the fact that it was about 90 degrees. when my mom got home she convinced me to eat this concoction of a sandwich: ham w/ pepper jack cheese on sweet cranberry walnut bread. it might sound weird, but it was AMAZING!


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