texas: day 2

saturday was a long, but good and productive day!


my mom and i started the morning by going to the farmer’s market. my mom had to buy some herbs and bread for the shower so i tagged along to check out the goods. there were two vendors i visited that are worth mentioning. 

  • Buddah’s Brew Kombucha – this was one of the coolest vendors i’ve seen at a farmer’s market. the kombucha was offered pre-bottled or on tap. i wanted to try the pineapple-super greens flavor, which was on tap. the guy working gave me a 16oz glass bottle and i filled it up! it was $3 bucks, which is not bad! i took a sip and it was delicious. like really, really delicious. i can’t wait to get more when i’m back in texas (in two weeks)!!
  • Texas Hill Country Olive Oil Company – their award winning olive oil was good, but to me it tasted like olive oil. their balsamic vinegar, on the other hand, was UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING. it was so amazing that i bought two bottles for  $15 each. since i flew to austin, i had to leave the bottles with my mom, but i’ll be back in two weeks to get them! i bought peach and wild cherry: 
moving on…
after the farmer’s market (my mom did get the herbs and bread), we went to one of my favorite stores, world market. i love it so! 


my mom and i prepped all the shower food we could. we made lemon bars, prepped all the spreads for the sandwiches, made dip, made yogurt, finished the sangria, and made basil lemonade. 

after that, chelsea and i met sarah, a bridesmaid, and her mom, judy, at a floral shop so we could look at flowers and get some good ideas. chelsea had good ideas and the flowers she picked out are going to look pretty!


chelsea and i had dinner at whole foods before heading back to her house to give her chickens some food and water. chelsea has 6 hens and 1 hen that turned out to be a rooster (oops). they live in a coop that she built (all by herself) in her backyard. 




i would love to get 2 hens, but according to the research i’ve done (which isn’t much), i don’t think the city will let me. i haven’t given up yet though.


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