texas: day 3 & 4

if you need to catch up…
DAY 2 


sunday was exhausting, but a lot of fun! 


chelsea and i had planned to go for a run, but it was raining. instead, i came up with a workout to do in my garage. it was one of the hardest workouts ever and it was only 20 minutes long! here’s what we did:

50 seconds of burpees
10 seconds rest 
50 seconds of mountain climbers  
10 seconds rest
50 seconds of jumping jacks
10 seconds rest 
50 seconds of jump squats
10 seconds rest
(do this 3 times)
run 3/4 a mile

this workout was the real deal. we were dripping sweat. after we caught our breath, we chatted for a while about random things. i enjoyed our workout and our conversation very much! 


around 11:30, i ran back to my house, which is literally around the corner. the shower started at 3 and there was so much to be done. me and my mom got BUSY. luckily, my aunt brenda arrived to help us shortly after i got home. it was a mad scramble to get everything done before guests started arriving. at 2:30, i was still in my workout clothes assembling and cutting sandwiches. thankfully, linda showed up and took over so my mom and i could go get ready.

by 3, everything (and everyone) was ready.

(recycled picture from my mother’s day post)

the guests started arriving and immediately started complimenting everything. the decor, the food, the drinks. it really was quite lovely (and i kick myself for not taking more pictures)!

for the first half of the shower, the guests mingled while they enjoyed food and drinks. here’s what was on the menu:


  • egg salad sandwiches
  • cucumber mint sandwiches
  • smoked turkey sandwiches with arugula mayonnaise 
  • fruit & granola yogurt cups
  • fruit w/ marshmallow cream cheese dip
  • veggies w/ buttermilk ranch dip
  • pecan rolled cheese ball w/ table crackers
  • lemon squares
  • mexican wedding cookies
  • cupcakes/cake: white chocolate raspberry w/ cream cheese frosting w/ sugared raspberries and mint leaves 


  • iced tea
  • basil lemonade
  • strawberry peach sangria
here’s a picture of the food table (after people had dug in):
and here’s a picture of the cupcakes/cake:
for the second half of the shower, we played a game and opened gifts. the game was a question/answer game. i emailed brandon a list of questions and he emailed me his answers. at the shower, i asked chelsea the same questions to see how her answers matched up with his. they both did well! they also did well on loot! they got a lot of awesome gifts!
bride to be and matron of honor:
after games and gifts, people hung around and chatted for a while. the shower ended around 6. 

i’m so happy for my mom that the shower turned out so wonderful. she worked so hard to make it perfect. and it was.


after all the guests left, some of our extended family came over to visit and enjoy the leftover food. it was so nice to see and talk with more family. after everyone left, my mom and i cleaned up and went to bed. we were beat!  


monday was a travel day

my mom and i hung out for a bit before i had to pack. we headed to the airport around 12:15 and said our goodbyes, which was easier knowing that i’d be back in a month.

my flights were uneventful. casey picked me up from the airport around 5:30.

although, i thoroughly enjoyed my short trip to texas, it’s always nice to get home.



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