as usual, i (we’ve) had a lot going on. mostly fun stuff, though. here’s what i’ve been up to lately:

  • sunday, june 10 – my favorite babe, cobra ruth mezzell, got baptized. it was a sweet ceremony. after church, we went to a celebration lunch at cobra’s grandparents house. it was fun and the food was delicious! the cake bites from pastry art are THE best. period.
  • tuesday, june 12 – david bazan played another house show at our house. this was his fourth time at our house, which he said is a record! casey wanted a plaque. the show was really good (it always is), but would have been much better had a couple of loud mouthed, attention seekers not been present. oh well.
  • friday, june 15 – we met some friends at zydeco to hear a band called mockingbyrd. i hadn’t been to zydeco in years. i forgot it had a pretty decent patio to chill on. the band was good . the guitar player looked like he was on some sort of psychedelic drugs. it was quite entertaining. the lead singer was a friend of ours from texas, so it was cool getting to see him for a bit.
  • saturday, june 16 – in the AM, we went to the farmer’s market to browse and pickup a few items. in the PM, we went to the west end community gardens for a little summer party they were having. it was neat to walk around the gardens and see everyone having a good time. sadly, we had to leave right when the band started playing. oh well. we left to meet casey’s family at mellow mushroom for a father’s day dinner. it was nice catching up with casey’s family. it always is!
  • sunday, june 17 – this was me and casey’s 6 year anniversary! technically, our NOLA trip was our anniversary celebration, so we kept the day pretty low key. we went to our favorite sushi place, rock ‘n’ roll sushi, for dinner. currently, our favorite roll is the spicy crawfish. it’s awesome! after dinner we  went to doodles to get sorbet! i love me some doodles (and supporting a local/small business)!
  • monday, june 18 – i met my friend, brooke, for lunch at a place called mix. neither of us had been, so we decided to check it out. it’s a very unique place, which, to me, was refreshing. it’s a breakfast and lunch shop specializing in sandwiches, it’s also a bakery (they make their own breads, pasteries, poptarts(!), etc.), and a (soon to be) bar. they have a spacious outdoor patio, too. their tag line is “sweets, sandwiches, spirits.” i got a salad that was super delicious. brooke got a prosciutto sandwich, which she enjoyed. i’ll definitely go back to try more menu items!
  • thursday, june 21 – we met with our (small) small group (just me, casey, brooke, & cleve) at the smith’s place. they graciously shared their dinner with us – kale and red bean gumbo over rice. it was goooood! we visited for a while and prayed for each other. it was a nice time. i was also impressed by the smith’s little dog, margo. she was very well-behaved (although i’m not sure the smith’s thought so). i think they will appreciate margo much more after they meet our “special” dogs.
  • friday, june 22 – i had a doctor’s appointment in the AM that went really well. there’s been some question as to whether or not it would be the safest thing for me to have a babe (remember the whole almost dying because of a pulmonary embolism thing 2 years ago?). i love my doctor and i left the appointment feeling like maybe, just maybe, there could be a little patton running around one day (not for another year or two though..CALM DOWN PEOPLE!!). casey and i had date night in the PM. we decided to check out the new grocery store in town, earth fare. it was pretty cool. i wouldn’t say it’s better than whole foods though. we also ate dinner there and their salad/hot bar was puny compared to WF’s. i got some curried chicken salad  and a bottle of mango kombucha (wonder drink). both were legit, especially the kombucha. casey got a HUGE slice of pizza for $3 that was pretty good too. after dinner we went to see snow white and the huntsman. it was good (here’s casey’s review).
  • saturday, june 23 – i woke up early so i could get a run in before it got too hot (which is impossible because its already hot before the sun comes up). it did not go well. my leg (shin area) was hurting so bad that i had to slow down and ended up walking the last mile. boo. i’m taking this entire week off to see if that helps. we’ll see! that evening we had dinner at our friends’, matt and laura, house. they cooked some really yummy beef kabobs with some sweet potato fries. it was gooood! i love sweet potatoes. after dinner the four of us headed to the good people brewery. we’d never been and were impressed by the place! the inside and the outside were really neat and spacious. it was not cool though. literally. there was no AC. i was dripping sweat the whole time. we got to hear our friends, josh and deena, play some music. we also played a game of “giant” jenga!
  • sunday, june 24 – we went to church and it was good. i like our new preacher and his family. after church, we went to lunch with the mezzells. we went to hart and soul and thoroughly enjoyed our food. for a coffee shop/bar, their food is pretty amazing. it was fun hanging with amy, brian, and baby cobra. they are good people. 🙂 after lunch, i did my usual trips to whole foods and publix to buy groceries for the week.

well, there you have it!


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