yeah…another one of these posts…because i know you are all dying to know what i’ve been up to.

june 27 – walking wednesday with ashley. we went to jemison trail and walked 3 miles. i love jemison trial. it’s one place i really love running at in the summers because, with the exception of a few yards here and there, the entire trail is shaded, which makes it feel about 10 degrees cooler outside. SCORE! anyway, on our walk, all we did (all we ever do) was vent about frustrations in our lives and talk about how much we love food. 🙂 

june 30 – me, casey, brooke, and cleve attended a relationship seminar hosted by my work. it was pretty good and i know we all walked away with some useful tips and information to implement into our relationships. after the seminar casey and i went home to relax for about an hour before heading to a house warming party for a new neighbor friend. her name is casey! it was nice to meet her and her boyfriend and some other new people. we didn’t stay too long because we had plans to meet up with brooke and cleve (twice in one day!) to see MOONRISE KINGDOM! the movie was a total masterpiece. i’m sure i’ll do a review soon. 


july 4 – casey and i celebrated our mid-week freedom vacation by watching two movies and going to target and tj maxx. wild ones, we are. it WAS a nice day that i DID enjoy very much. as did casey (i’m assuming). 

july 5 – bible study at our house. we had two new folks test out our group: john and mary katherine. i think they enjoyed themselves and we really enjoyed having them there. maybe they’ll stick around!

july 6 – ashley and i wanted to get out of the office so we went to lunch at mix. i got the same salad i got the first time i went. after work, the mezzells came over to hang. it was the first time baby cobra came to our house! i think i was the only one that was really excited about it. i was also excited to see what bella and ellie would think about her. ellie gave her a couple sniffs, but was otherwise disinterested (she’d rather spend time with people that give her attention). bella seemed pretty interested in sniffing and licking her all over. cobra even reached for her a couple times. i’m glad we have sweet dogs. we watched a few episodes of workaholics and then called it a night. 

july 8 – after church (late afternoon service) we went on an impromptu dinner with brooke and cleve. we decided to try little donkey since everyone raves about the food (plus it’s right next to steel city pops). we split the enchiladas, which were just OK. brooke and cleve split a chile rellenos and really liked it. it looked awesome. we all got the same side dishes. one of which was street style corn! seen here:

after dinner we got pops for dessert. i got coffee, casey and brooke got peach cream, and cleve got chocolate chili. mmmmmmmm!!

i’ll leave you with a clip from one of my favorite movies:


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