weekend fun times!

last weekend was a weekend FULL of friends, fun, wine, and cheese.

friday night our friends dave and elizabeth were nice enough to invite us out to use a coupon they had purchased to use at the wine loft.


if you know casey and i even a little bit, you know we typically don’t get dressed up and partake in fine dining.

now, i do understand that the wine loft is not actual fine dining. it doesn’t require reservations or that you know which fork to use or the proper placement of your bread plate and drinking glass (bread plate to the left of the place setting, drinking glass to the top right of the dinner plate…and yes, i did know that without looking it up), but i digress…

unlike casey, i do enjoy an excuse to ”get fancy” once in a while, so i went all out and wore a sleeveless black dress with sequin around the neck paired with my highest of high heels, which are actually quite high. i even spent more than 2 minutes on my makeup and actually thought about what i was doing.

also, i used hairspray. yeah.

casey went all out by wearing closed toed shoes, pants that weren’t jeans, and a collard, button-up shirt (it was still plaid, of course). he did look quite handsome all “dressed up.” 🙂

we met dave and elizabeth, who looked quite lovely themselves, at 7:30. there were a few other people there, but we practically had the place to ourselves, which was kinda nice.

to give you a visual, we sat at the table in the foreground of this picture:


naturally, we started with a glass of wine and some cheese. we ordered the baked brie, which was “garnished with vanilla honey and balsamic drizzle.” it was DELICIOUS! we followed the brie with a thin crust stone-baked pepperoni pizza. it was tasty, as pizza usually is. for dessert we got the chocolate fondue, which, i think we all agreed, was a rip off. there was hardly any chocolate in the pot! we had to take the lid off to scrape the chocolate out. i will say, though, the little chocolate we did get, was really, really good!

after the wine loft we decided to check out dram whiskey bar. we sat outside, sipped our drinks, and continued our conversations.

i’m so glad dave and elizabeth invited us out to do something that we typically wouldn’t do on our own. plus, we love hanging out with them. thanks you two!!

on saturday, we picked up brooke and cleve and headed to ozan vineyard & winery for a wine tasting. we’d done a tasting there once before with dave and elizabeth and enjoyed it so much, we wanted to do it again! the vineyard really is beautiful:

we got there around 4 and picked our table on the patio. the “sommelier” brought each couple a list of the wines, their own wine glass (for keeps!), and a plate of goodies, which included babybel cheese wheels, apple slices, pistachio crisps, and chocolates.

we munched our snacks and sampled around 12 different wines…some whites, some reds, a rose, and some desserts. we used my sophisticated rating system to rate the wines (when the time is right i’ll share my rating system with the world). if i remember correctly, we mostly had the same top 3 favorites. the whole tasting lasted around an hour. once it was over, we decided to stick around and enjoy a bottle of wine (the 2006 chardonnay) on the patio. i really, really enjoyed it!

after we finished at ozan, important decisions were made: brooke decided it was essential that she have some doritos, we all decided we had to have pizza, and we also decided we need to watch a wes anderson movie because, let’s face, he’s the best. so we went back to our house, stuffed ourselves with cheesy triangular foods, and watched rushmore.

good times with great friends!!!

sunday we did the church thing and had left over pizza for dinner.

so like i said at the beginning of this post…THIS WEEKEND WAS FULL OF FRIENDS, FUN, WINE & CHEESE (lots and lots of cheese) and i wouldn’t have had it any other way!


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