three weeks ago, i turned 27! 

i know you want to know what went down, so here are the highlights!

THE DAY…of my birth:

  • my friend/co-worker, ashley, turned my “office” into a birthday wonderland. it was a nice surprise…thanks ABC!
  • my best friend/husband, casey, came to visit me at work around lunch time and surprised me with surprises: pretty flowers, a bag of almonds, and some dark chocolate. thanks CAP!!
  • my parents-in-law, bill & rita, called me all the way from NAIROBI (the capital of kenya). i couldn’t answer, so they left a message. in the message, a man named Joseph Tito Simba sang happy birthday to me in swahili and then said, “happy birthday from africa!” i don’t know if i’ll ever get another voice-mail as awesome as this one! thanks Billerita and Simba!


  • my mom and dad sent me a lovely card and some lovely money! thanks mom & dad!!!
  • lucky for me tax-free weekend and my birthday happen at the same time, so every year i treat myself to some tax-free items. this year i got 5 tops and a pair of sunglasses. 
  • i also bought myself a new cookbook. i’ve used it several times already and i’ve loved everything i’ve made!
  • my best pal, amy, gave me a charlie harper book & a mandala coloring book. charlie harper is my very favorite artist and i love mandalas (and often consider getting a mandala-esque tattoo)! clearly, her gift was super thoughtful and i love it! thanks amy!!!


  • a couple fridays ago we had some people over to hang out. in typical patton party fashion, we ate, we drank, we ate, we talked, we laughed, we ate, we drank, we (i) danced, and we ate. it was a lot of fun! thanks to everyone that came!! 

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