in an effort to be interesting and consistent, i am working on developing some sort of loose “schedule” for this here blog. it’s hard to be interesting and consistent…and even harder to be consistently interesting, so it might take some time. so while that’s happening, enjoy catching up on what i’ve been doing lately.

  • two fridays ago, casey and i played bartenders at cahaba brewing company (mentioned/seen here). we served beer, chatted with customers, drank beer, ate nachos, cleaned beer glasses (lots and lots of them), and served more beer. we had a really great time, AND we made mad tips, so i sort of can’t wait to do it again!
  • my granddad had heart surgery a week and a half ago. it was a pretty risky surgery that went almost as good as possible, so my family is thankful! he’s recovering nicely and should be back to normal soon. woohoo!
  • fusion started back for the year! my girls are now in 11th grade! i’m really excited about this year and hope we get even closer and have even more fun together!
  • last friday evening, we attended laura’s birthday dinner at the village tavern. we ended up sitting with some acquaintances and got to know them better, which was nice. it was a really enjoyable dinner. casey’s entree came with sweet potato fries that were just about perfect. we’ll definitely be going back for more of those. i also want to try their pizzas. we rounded out dinner with some yummy birthday cake! happy birthday, laura!!! just for fun, here’s a picture of me and laura walking the streets of downtown austin!

  • last saturday, i ran a 5K that my work’s junior board organized to raise money for the organization! it was a big success and i’m super proud of how it turned out! i didn’t PR or anything, but i still had a decent time (about 15 seconds slower than my best). i downed some liquid too close to the start of the race and got a bad side stitch at the half way mark causing me to slow down a bit (i still managed to get second in my age group). live and learn!
  • saturday evening, casey and i went to a wedding. congrats to our friends jason & janelle vickers! we had a lot of fun. i’ll let the pictures do the talking (click the picture to see the whole album)!!!

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