casey and i watched a lot of movies over labor day weekend. he posted his reviews here

here are my reviews, which are pretty similar to casey’s, but whatever. 

cowboys & aliens
i fell asleep and missed the end so i don’t even know why i’m reviewing this one. all i can say is that the parts i saw were OK. and like casey said, olivia wilde’s character/character twist was dumb.  

the special effects were cool. the plot was dumb. the acting was so/so. the dialogue was terrible. and it was still better than i thought it would be. 
F – because rihanna was in it. 

john carter
this movie was about what i expected: just OK. my biggest complaint is that every character and location in the movie had such weird names. i could not keep up with what all the weird words meant. is that a person? is that a place? whaaaaaat are they talking about?! here’s an example (note the names of the characters too): 

Dejah Thoris: Jeddak of the Tharks. I am Dejah Thoris, regent of the Royal Helium Academy of Science. My research… 
Tars Tarkas: Your share of the spoils. Sola, tend to Virginia’s property. 
Sola: Yes, my Jeddak 
Dejah Thoris: You know when Sab Than has conquered us, he will turn his weapon upon you! 
Tars Tarkas: I know that Zodanga has found a way to defeat you. And now you seek a mighty weapon of your own. But Virginia fights for us! He will fight the Torquas in the south. The Warhoons in the north! And he will be called Dotar Sojat! “My right arms”

my one praise is that visually the movie was great, but for $250 million, it better be!!

like casey said, this movie was pretty typical for the genre. fighting, chasing, double crossing, dirty cops, etc. BUT this movie also had the most bullets fired in any movie ever. so, if you like bullets you will LOVE this movie!! i don’t like bullets that much.

the amazing spider-man
i really liked this movie. the story was great! the actors were great! the visuals were great! i normally don’t like comic book/super hero movies, but this one was different and much better than the other spider-man stuff. i really liked the back story of peter’s family/father’s work and how peter became spider-man. i also liked gwen stacy WAY more than mary jane. 

the five-year engagement
this movie was really funny and really good and i really loved it! it was definitely my favorite one of the weekend. i love jason segel and, after seeing this, i love emily blunt. “andy” from parks & rec. was funny like always. i really enjoyed the story line and its message. it was really sweet.

blue like jazz
unfortunately, this movie was worse than i thought it would be. i hadn’t heard anything about it and i guess i just thought since i love don miller and his books so much, i would feel the same about the movie. it’s just a typical christian movie. it gets better as it goes on, but not great. the last scene is definitely the best, but you’re better off just reading the book because it’s awesome.  

crazy stupid love 
i think i was most excited to see this movie (because of one cast member in particular). it ended up being better than i expected. i thought the plot was executed really well and the acting was great. it was sort of slow at some points, but over all it moved along nicely. initially, i thought about giving this one a B, but because of one scene toward the end, which i thought was perfect, i’m giving it an A. the end of the movie was really good too. 


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