weekend wrap-up: part 1


double date night with the matt & laura!
doing anything with these two is a guaranteed good time, so naturally, our double date did not disappoint. we met at me and casey’s new favorite local eatery, taco mama. we all enjoyed our food, beverages, and company. after dinner, we went back to our house to watch a movie, but not before going to publix to get some essentials: candy corn and ice cream.

we chatted for a bit before deciding on a movie. we ended up watching snow white and the huntsman. casey and i had seen it before, but we didn’t mind watching it again. i think matt liked the movie and if i measure how much laura liked the movie by the amount of questions she asked, then she definitely LOVED it! 😉

it was great night with great friends!


saturday was a FULL, but fun day!

first on the agenda was a date with elizabeth. we started the morning off right with some coffee from the red cat. with drinks in hand, we browsed the goods at the farmer’s market. there were several vendors at the market that i hadn’t seen before, which was awesome. elizabeth ended up getting 2 necklaces and a bracelet. i got a pair of earrings, a jar of pesto, and some dog treats for the pups. we also got bundles of really pretty dried hydrangeas.

after the farmer’s market we decided to get some lunch. we went to the pantry and had some seriously yummy food. to drink, we had water with cucumber and lemon slices. for an appetizer, we had complimentary crackers and goat cheese.

for my meal, i enjoyed a roasted vegetable and garlic sandwich on flat bread with a cucumber salad.

although the food was excellent, my favorite thing about lunch was how long it was. it felt so nice to take our sweet time. we ate slow and talked a lot. even after we were done eating, we kept talking for a good 30 minutes. i feel like i’m always rushing around and/or my mind is never in the present, so it was definitely an awesome change of pace. elizabeth is a great date. i’ll probably ask her out again. 🙂

next on the agenda was a birthday gathering at good people for our friend sara. we haven’t seen her in quite a while (her and her cute family live in TN), so it was really great to hang out and catch up over some good local brews.

the last thing on the agenda was attending the last roller derby bout of the season. as usual, birmingham won and it was quite entertaining.

when the bout was over, i was ready to get home. we needed to get a decent amount of sleep since the next morning we had to be up and on our way to talladega by 5:30 so i could run my first official half marathon!


stay tuned for weekend wrap-up: part 2!


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