what a weekend: part 1!!

friday was the best day!

  • i took friday off just ‘cause i could. i got to sleep in until 8:30!!
  • i rolled out of bed to meet up with kat to run/walk 8 miles. it was humid and we were tired (my legs still felt heavy from the half marathon), but we covered the distance, which was all that mattered to us. we got to talk a lot during the run/walk too, which was quite enjoyable. at some point, we decided we needed to eat some food when we got done. we decided on over easy because breakfast at any time of day is awesome!
  • once i got home, i got started on the deep cleaning that our kitchen and two bathrooms desperately needed. i scrubbed those rooms from top to bottom for four hours. my arms were sore and my knees were bruised, but it was totally worth it in the end. i need remember how satisfied i felt afterwards because i still have three bedrooms, a dining room, and a living room to deep clean.
  • after relaxing a bit, casey and i headed to cantina for a birthday celebration. i’ve only eaten food out of cantina’s truck, so i was excited to eat in the restaurant. i got the shrimp quesadillas and they were most excellent. dinner was a lot of fun!!

group shot!

  • the fun did not stop when the food was gone! after dinner we headed to a bar in five points called the saloon. we were just about the only ones there, which is what we were hoping for. there was a guy playing cover songs and i know we made his night because we sang along with and danced to his groovy tunes! we also played darts. i find darts highly entertaining for some reason. i need to get me a dart board so i can get good! here’s some pictures from the saloon:




  • after the saloon, a smaller group of us went to tin roof. i’d heard about it, but have never been. it’s an indoor/outdoor bar/grill/music venue in downtown birmingham. the place was jam packed, which i think is pretty normal. there was a band playing outside so we went and danced right by the stage. it was fun and really funny. eventually we all got pretty tired and called it a night. i think casey and i got home around 2am. we don’t stay out that late very often, so when we do it’s for something or someone totally worth it…

happy birthday, matt!


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