what a weekend: part 2!!

unlike friday, saturday was rather uneventful, but still pleasant. 

  • i got my hair cut. i think i’m going to try, for the third time, to grow it out. we’ll see how far i get! 
  • i baked my butt off. our small group agreed to deliver baked goods to local fire stations on sunday for magic city miracle, a citywide day of service. i baked almost 100 delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. luckily, we only needed 72 for our project, so we got to keep some for ourselves. 🙂 
  • casey and i hung out the rest of the day and he even helped me deep clean in the dining room! 
  • that night casey went down the hill to hang out with the joness and the smiths. i was straight up exhausted so i stayed home and fell asleep on the couch.  


  • we both slept in and it was glorious. we were bummed to wake up to wet weather though. the rain, which lasted ALL day, really put a damper on the whole event, especially for the outdoor service projects like painting and gardening. luckily our project consisted of driving around, so the rain didn’t stop us! we headed to railroad park around 11 to meet up with our group, get our magic city miracle shirts, and find out which fire stations we were to deliver cookies. once we had all the stuff/info we needed, the adventure began. FIRESTATION 1: we followed GPS, which took us down a long road behind the airport. we thought the whole area seemed sort of odd for a fire station, but kept going. when we got to where the GPS said the station was, we were looking at a big field. hmmm. we pulled over and decided the best thing we could do in that moment was for everyone to eat a cupcake. we had WAY too many baked goods. no one was going to miss 6 cupcakes. i promise. anyway, upon further investigation we realized that the fire station was on the national guard base. needless to say, we were unable to deliver our cookies. the guard at the gate, the one with the huge gun strapped to his leg, wasn’t buying our story. he wouldn’t even take the rest of our cupcakes! they missed out big time! don’t they know, cupcakes > security?! FIRESTATION 2: we didn’t have any trouble finding this station. the firemen were excited about their cookies, but one in particular was more excited to show us around the station. 

    it’s the oldest AND busiest station in birmingham!  it was really neat. while we were there, he let mary katherine put some of his gear on and of course once she got it all on, the station got a call! luckily, we didn’t slow them down. it was cool to see them spring into action! good job boys!! FIRESTATION 3: this station was uneventful, but the firemen did appreciate the cookies! 

  • after we were done delivering our cookies, we had some time to kill before heading back to railroad park. we decided to get some food at wings & waffles! what did we get? WINGS & WAFFLES!! deeeelicious!


  • on our way back to railroad park we were trying to figure out what to do with the three dozen cookies we still had in the car. earlier in the day, we passed a bridge under which some homeless people had set up a camp. i suggested we go back to see if they were there. well, they were! i got out and yelled, “y’all want some cookies?!” they gladly accepted the treats. we told them what we were out doing and chatted for a bit. this was probably my favorite part of the day! it was cool to meet richard, john, and cherokee red! i hope they enjoyed their cookies!  

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