warrior weekend!

i’ll keep this one short and sweet.

friday night, casey and i went to our friend julie’s birthday dinner at on tap. we hung out for around 2 hours and had a really fun time! here’s a picture i stole from julie’s facebook:

fun times! happy birthday, julie!

saturday, amy and i did the warrior dash! it was mostly fun, slippery, and freezing. the obstacles weren’t hard at all. the actual running course was the only hard part. it was basically 45 degree angel slippery slopes for half the race! i wish i had taken my camera to capture some of the hills.

it took us 54 minutes to finish, which is OK because the only time we were concerned with was the fun type and we definitely accomplished that! fun times!!

here are some of my favorite pictures:

it’s starting!!

fire! it was a lot bigger than it looks!

about to cross the finish line!

waiting for the bus…obviously, i wasn’t ready for the picture, but this accurately portrays how i felt about being WET & FREEZING. lol!

big thanks to our husbands for coming with us and standing around in the cold rain for a couple hours! and biggest thanks to amy for being a super awesome WARRIOR friend!!

for more pictures, click here.


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