DAYS 9 – 13

DAY 9: i’m thankful casey and i have reliable transportation. i’m reminded weekly that having to use public transportation (especially birmingham’s) really sucks. i definitely don’t take our 3 vehicles for granted. 

DAY 10: i’m thankful for my in-laws. i’ve been blessed with having some super great in-laws! they are all so nice and fun and generous. this past weekend we all went on a beach trip together! we basically spent our time walking from the condo to the beach to the condo to the hot tub to the condo to the car to restaurants to the condo. perfect. here we all are!

love the pattons/beckers!! 

DAY 11: today, of course, i’m thankful for our veterans and their selflessness to serve America in the ultimate way! special thanks go to my two grandfathers: Richard Staff (United States Air Force) & Tom Wolfe (United States Air Force), my dad: Jim Staff (United States Coast Guard), and my brother: Trevor Staff (United States Marines). so proud of the men in my family!

DAY 12: i’m thankful for down time. i had the day off work and chose to hang around the house, play with the dogs, run some errands, and watch TV. i really enjoy time that i get to do with what i please.    

DAY 13: i’m thankful today was not as crazy as i thought it was going to be. on paper, today seemed like it was going to be one of my busiest days to date. while it was very busy, i somehow managed to keep from getting too stressed and the day turned out pretty good. score. 


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