DAY 25-27

Day 25: i don’t have many people in my life that enjoy working out, so over the years i’ve grown accustomed to working out alone. six months ago, i decided it was time for a change, so i joined a new gym (box), enrolled in the 5:15am class, and have loved it from day one. the workouts are always super challenging, yet strangely fun. the people in my class are awesome and my coaches are the best. i’m so thankful for carport crossfit!! 

this picture is from this morning’s workout! girls doing pull ups (i’m on the left), look at us go!!


Day 26: i’m thankful for our pretty amazing planet. for all it’s beautiful places and the creatures that inhabit them. click here for some examples

Day 27: i’m thankful for people who understand food and what to do with it. i’m talking about the people who invent recipes. thanks to these people, casey and i get to eat some mighty fine meals.  


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