DAY 28-30

Day 28: for those of you who don’t know, casey and i are involved in planting a church, St. Junia. Right now, we meet once a week in our small groups at various locations such as houses, parks, coffee shops, bars, etc., and once a month, collectively. i’m so thankful for the experience i’ve had so far with St. Junia; the people, the missions, the messages…it’s all GOOD stuff. more to come later.

Day 29: i’m thankful for friends. i’ve been blessed with some pretty incredible ones throughout my life. for every stage of my life, i’ve had an amazing core group of friends. even though i’ve lost touch with many of my friends from the past, i’m really thankful for the memories and fun times we shared. i’m extra thankful for my oldest and dearest friend/cousin/sister, chelsea. she’s been a constant in my life since the day i was born. i don’t know what i’d do without her! i’m so thankful for the friends i currently have in my life.  it’s probably the most diverse group of friends i’ve ever had, and i LOVE it! i’m not totally satisfied in all of my friendships, mostly in that i wish i was closer to some people and saw them more often, but that’s partly my fault and something i’ve been trying to remedy lately. anyway, i love friends and if you are my friend, i’m thankful for you!!

DAY 30: i’m thankful for casey, my favorite person on the planet. he’s so loving, so sincere, so patient, so selfless, so handsome, so kind, so fun, and so special to me. he has truly blessed my life and i feel like the luckiest girl ever. i always have. that song “the luckiest” by ben folds was one of our wedding ceremony songs. anyway, six and a half years later, now more than ever, i find myself in awe that i get to do life with such an awesome dude. i can’t imagine it any other way.

i love you casey and i’m so thankful for you!!


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