weekend fun times!

this past weekend was full of fun and sweet treats!

friday night i spent the night at elizabeth’s house. we were supposed to bake some stuff for her christmas/cookie swap party the next night, but that never happened. instead we ate a dinner of subway and pinot noir. we keep it classy. we got up the next morning and went on a 4.5 mile run. i am very much out of running shape so i slowed elizabeth down, but i don’t think she cared all that much. it was nice to run with a buddy again. after our run we walked around by the river for a while, then headed back to her house for some coffee. 

i left elizabeth’s around 9 so i could meet up with casey’s family at 10. we met at target to do some christmas shopping for our angel tree family. this year, instead of giving each other gifts, we we are giving gifts to the children of a family in need. casey and i shopped for a 13 year old girl who asked for clothes and makeup…right up my alley! hopefully she’ll like what we picked out! 

after we were all done shopping, we went to lunch at olive garden. y’all, our waitress was a total loon. she was very frantic and kept talking about her husband and alcohol. she also kept making terrible jokes. we even had to ask about our soup and her response, “oh y’all are ready for your soup now?” when she brought us our checks she made sure to let us know that she’s poor. like i said, she was a total loon.

saturday night, i headed to elizabeth’s party and casey headed to a pizza hut and ice hockey party. at pizza hut casey had a waiter named laser who ran every where. we both had fun at our parties. i really enjoyed getting to know some new girls and casey enjoyed catching up with old friends. yay!

sunday, casey and i went to see Life of Pi. it was a really pretty movie and the effects were awesome! with the exceptions of a few parts, the story was really interesting, too. after the movie, we headed to my gym’s christmas party. the hosts’ house was awesome and so was the food…paleo chili (3 varieties of spiciness), mashed cauliflower, bacon wrapped dates, and an assortment of desserts. it was nice to meet the people i don’t get to workout with and fun to play with some of the cute kiddos that were there. good times!! 

i feel bad for not having any pictures for this post, so here’s one of me jumping on the beach: 



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