super bowl sunday!

for me, the only reason to get excited about super bowl sunday is that it’s an excuse to hang with friends and eat lots of food, which is exactly what we did!!

but before that happened, some other things happened…

the day started off great! we had a leisurely morning that included coffee, pancakes, and spongebob. when relaxing time was over, i started to clean up the house a bit to get ready for our super bowl party. i went under the sink to get some cleaning supplies and noticed the towel i had put down a couple months ago (due to a VERY slow dripping leak) had a ring of mildew on it, so i asked casey to see if he could fix the leak. i figured it’d be as simple as tightening a bolt or something. 


casey fixed the leak, but bless his heart, it took him upwards of 5 hours, 3 trips to home depot, 2 trips to k-mart, 1 trip to wal-mart, and a lot of pleading with inanimate objects. i’m pretty sure at one point he was close to tears. when he finally fixed it, he ran outside and clicked his heels all over the front yard (seriously).

he doesn’t get to play mr. fix it often, so i guess this was our house’s way of making it up to him. thanks, but no thanks!!

once the leak was fixed and we could turn the water back on, we scrambled to finish cleaning and take showers. as i was getting ready i put a new necklace on and noticed that it was missing a bead. i was so annoyed that i decided to go to the store, 15 minutes before our party started, to exchange it. luckily, the exchange was quick and easy, but my trip was not without mishap. as i left the store, i was booking it to my car and as i rounded the back side of my car, i slipped and fell. i bounced off the car next to mine and landed on my knee. my first thought was, “my pants!” i immediately looked to see if my pants had ripped. they were a little scuffed, but not ripped. shew! i didn’t really care what my knee looked like and that it hurt, as long as my pants weren’t ruined! on my way home i thought to myself, “this day has sucked! this party better be good!” 

and it was!

the party went exactly how it was supposed to! our friends showed up, brought delicious food, brought cute kids, had great conversations, and even though the super bowl game was on, it was not the main focus! i love our friends! 

it was the perfect end to an otherwise lame day! 

oh yeah, congrats to the bird team for winning the big game! 


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