weekend: part 2

last saturday is a day i’ll never forget because these two got engaged!!

dave and elizabeth: the happy couple!!

the engagement was pretty amazing: 200 people performing a flash mob in a park followed by a video on a big screen followed by a sparkler lit proposal.

my role in the engagement was assigned to me (unknowingly) by elizabeth! on thursday, she sent me a text asking if i wanted to hang out that weekend. i immediately sent dave a text that said, “lulu is trying to make plans with me…what do i do?” after some discussion, it was decided that i’d be dave’s accomplice in getting elizabeth to the park.  so her and i made plans to get fancied up and do dinner and drinks at dram followed by a sleep over at her house. i still wasn’t sure how i was going to get her to the park, though. dave wanted me to tell her there was a mercedes marathon kick-off party at the park, but it was up to me to come up with the reason we should stop by before dinner. i spent all friday brainstorming and finally came up with something! i would tell her that on the way to her house i got a text from a friend who was running in the race and panicking because her garmin (a running watch) wouldn’t turn on. she wanted to know if i could bring my garmin to the kick-off party she was at so she could use it in the race the next day.

fast forward to saturday!!

around 3:30, casey and i headed to the park for rehearsal, during which everyone learned their cues, practiced the dance a few times, and went over what to do after the dance and during the actually proposal. after rehearsal, i hightailed it to elizabeth’s house to get ready for our “girls’ night!”

as i drove to her house, my excitement faded and was replaced by anxiety. it dawned on me that the engagement surprise (that was MONTHS in the making) was basically in my hands now. if i wasn’t convincing or didn’t act natural, elizabeth could easily figure out something was up. 200 were at the park in freezing temperatures waiting and depending on me to make this happen without error (i knew even if she did somehow figure it out before we got the park, it would still be super fun and special, but for her to be completely and totally shocked was the ultimate goal)!

when i got to her house we visited over a glass of wine and some cheese and crackers. it was only a matter of minutes before she brought up the race, so i took the opportunity to tell her my story and she totally bought it. shew!!

during our visiting, time slipped away from me and before i knew it, it was 6:00. we had 45 minutes to get to the park, which was a problem because elizabeth lives about 30 minutes from the park. at this point i knew we’d be late so i tried to rush things as naturally as possible with the hopes that we could be out the door at 6:30.

so 6:30 came and went and elizabeth was still getting ready. i couldn’t fault her though, because she had NO idea we were under any sort of time constraint, which was great for the engagement surprise, but not so great for all the people waiting (and freezing) at the park. i sent dave a text saying we were running late and asked him to apologize to everyone!

we finally left around 6:45 and i must say, we looked FABULOUS! 🙂

i drove to the park as quickly (and safely) as i could. the closer we got, the harder and faster my heart pounded. i tried so hard to stay calm and act natural. when we pulled up to the park i sent “my friend” (dave) a text that said, “here.” we got out of the car and made our way into the park and stood at our mark. i pretended to look for my friend for what felt like forever. then it happened.

the music kicked on and the flash mob started. i stood next to elizabeth looking confused for a couple minutes before i turned to her, waved goodbye, and ran to join in the dancing. she stood there for a good minute before she started to put things together. when she finally saw her mom dancing in the crowd, she realized what was happening. after the dance was over, the lights went dark, and the video message from dave played. when that was over, he came out from behind the screen and met elizabeth in the middle of the field while everyone surrounded them with sparklers. he got down on one knee and asked the big question and, of course, elizabeth said “ABSOLUELY!” it was so sweet! almost equally sweet was right after when she realized more of her family and some of her best friends made the trip from florida to be there for her. the whole engagement was just so sweet!

i have to say, i’ve known dave for almost 10 years and i think this is the happiest i’ve ever seen him. it was such an honor to be a part of this moment in his life! i’ve only known elizabeth for a little over a year, but i know how much dave means to her and how deserving she is of a great guy. i’m so happy that two people so dear to me are so happy together! they deserve it! congrats!!

p.s. one of the coolest things about the engagement was totally unplanned. somehow the news found out what was going down and showed up to check it out and ended up putting it on the 10:00 news!! click the picture to watch!

on the news!


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