hair, wine, food, oscars

because i KNOW you want to know, here’s what i did last weekend!!

friday afternoon:


my hair is slooooowly growing and i almost have a bob! i actually had to buy a brush for the first time in 6 years! whoa!

right side!

left side!

 friday night:


this month we tasted a variety of cabernets. i didn’t hate any of them, but i only really liked one or two. i shared my sophisticated wine rating system with the group and they liked it. while the wine was mostly just OK, the food was awesome! i think everyone’s favorites were the cream puffs (duh) and the spicy hummus, which was the one menu item that wasn’t supposed to pair well with cabernet. maybe that’s why we didn’t like the wine very much…haha!

the aftermath.


i cooked up a glorious breakfast (for lunch): pancakes w/ maple almond butter & whipped cream, scrambled eggs w/ garlic, cheese, & pepper, bacon, and coffee. always coffee.

we lazed around the house and watched a movie until it was time for dinner. we met the davis family, lori, and deena at chuy’s. it was really nice catching up with friends we haven’t seen in a while! i couldn’t get over the fact that jack is speaking in sentences!



we met casey’s parents for lunch a surin. i had eaten breakfast an hour before we met them so i just got some jasmine tea. it was delicious! and of course i took some bites of casey’s thai noodles. 🙂

sunday evening we went to the davis’s house to watch the oscars. we ate dinner and played with jack until his bed time. the oscars were OK. i was really glad that jennifer lawrence, christoph waltz, and quentin tarantino won. i didn’t really care about anyone else. ashley has more pictures of our fun times on her blog. check ’em out!




  1. magan318 · February 28, 2013

    Love the hair cut!

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