love to see the good.

i love to see the good that still exists in humanity. enjoy.

This is one of those videos that makes your heart feel like it’s grown a pair of wings, but since it’s in Spanish, here’s the background information. Coca-Cola has started putting this ATM around Spain—a country that, as you likely know, has been rocked by economic woes. The ATM was placed in six different cities, with one message on the screen: Get 100 euros ($131). Without card.. If you clicked “yes,” it said: “But only if you agree to share it.” Again, you click “yes.” Then the ATM gave you some suggestions on how to share it, like “hire a storyteller for the kids in your neighborhood” or “buy diapers for a pregnant woman.” And then, just like that, out pops an envelope with 100 euros in it, and no obligation to actually share it.

Just wait till you see what happens next …

-video & excerpt taken from relevant


One comment

  1. caseypatton · March 13, 2013

    oh, man… i love it.

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