random information

  • friday casey and i went to urban cookhouse for dinner. it had been too long since my last berry good salad! it did not disappoint! neither did my date. šŸ™‚


  • saturday morning i had breakfast at over easy with my friends amy, laura, & christy. it was fun and delicious!
  • saturday afternoon we went to the chili cook off. it was freezing and snowing, which made all most of the chili even better! i couldn’t believe how crowded it was!

  • sunday i ran from our house to crestline bagel to meet our small group for breakfast. the run was cold, but quite fantastic! 4 miles in 35 minutes! i haven’t had a run that solid in quite some time! it felt wonderful!
  • as usual, our small group meeting was refreshing and enjoyable.
  • sunday afternoon, i cleaned up the house. i also ate two chicken salad sandwiches: one for lunch and one for dinner. i do what i want!
  • this morning i saw a ginger squirrel on my way to work. i love it.
  • i can’t believe it’s only 10:45.
  • i’m wearing new boots!

$90 boots for $20. score!



  1. caseypatton · March 4, 2013


    (i didn’t disappoint????)

    • sheena · March 4, 2013

      that’s right!

      you did not.

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