my special girls

our dogs are the sweetest, most “special” dogs i’ve ever met.

this one (ellie louise)

y’all. look at her.

  • is allergic to meat. yes, meat.
  • is really really really needy, which manifests as whining, weird noises, heavy breathing, foaming at the mouth, pawing, and crowd/separation anxiety.
  • recently broke a nail that cost way too much to fix.
  • has decided, at age 6.5, that she is all of a sudden scared of storms, which is just swell with all the storms we’ve had lately.
  • can’t be contained by baby gates.
  • has recently learned how to open doors and now can’t be contained by those either.
  • likes to wake me up by either breathing heavily in my face or pawing me in the face.

this one (bella frances)

a bean burrito.

  • is allergic to grass. yes, grass.
  • will steal the drink right out of your hand and the seat right under your butt.
  • barks at anything that needs barking at, which apparently is everything.
  • gets lots of ear infections.
  • had to go to the vet last month because she couldn’t jump. not even for a treat, which is unheard of! turns out she somehow herniated a disc. seriously?! OMG.
  • likes to wake me up every morning at 4am so that i can invite her to cuddle. she knows she’s not supposed to be on the bed and won’t come up unless i invite her, but if i don’t invite her, she will stand on her hind legs and put her front paws up on the bed. when she does this it shakes my side of the bed. she does this over and over until i pat the bed and say, “come on.” then she jumps up and curls up next to me. i actually don’t mind this quirk so much. 🙂

as weird as these two are, i wouldn’t trade them for anything. the love they fill our house with is priceless.

me and my baby boondoggles!



  1. amymezzell · March 13, 2013

    my favorite post in months! bean burrito made me LOL

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