GBHS jog a dog program

on monday, i saw online that the greater birmingham humane society has started a program called “jog a dog.” basically, you “check out” an approved dog and take him/her for a jog (or walk) at any of the four approved areas: red mountain park, lakeshore trail, railroad park, or jemison trail. when you pick up your jogging buddy, GBHS will provide an “adopt me” vest for him/her to wear, along with a leash and collar.

i absolutely adore this idea! i love that these dogs will have an opportunity to enjoy a change of scenery and socialize. i also love that they will be wearing an “adopt me” vest. what an awesome way to promote rescuing!!

i’m most likely going to sign up for this program! is anyone else interested??  



  1. ashley · March 13, 2013

    ZOMG. This is the greatest idea ever! I am totally interested but I’m afraid I’ll end up keeping every dog I “jog”.

  2. sheena · March 13, 2013

    oh, i know!! i’m afraid of that too!

    at least this program gives them a better chance of being adopted, though!

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