there’s a first for everything!

he’s ready!

it’s true! casey participated in a 5K! the race took place at joe wheeler state park in rogersville, al. we drove in friday night and stayed with casey’s parents. it stormed all night, but luckily the rain had stopped by the time we left for the park around 7:30. we hung out and  visited under a pavilion until it was time to line up at the starting line. the horn sounded and we were off!

the course was much more cross country than i imagined with most of it being narrow, hilly trails. as a runner, i can say that this course was not easy (i heard several other people saying this too), but i still really enjoyed it. it was a nice change from the street courses i usually run. plus, the park was beautiful!

the view!

casey set our pace for the race and he did so great! he jogged the whole thing! the most he’d jogged before the race was 2 miles, so i know he really pushed himself during the last mile. we finished in 34:04!

i’m so proud!!

i never thought we’d run a 5K together, but we did and i loved it! thanks casey!! ❤


One comment

  1. caseypatton · March 24, 2013

    Thanks for signing me up and running with me! I love you!

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