5 day weekend!

can every weekend be 5 days?

last week, i was off wed-fri (and obviously sat-sun). here’s some stuff that happened!


  • slept in ’til 8:30 (glorious), did not shower, and rocked the athleisure look all day.
  • dogs got groomed – bella got deep cleaned. ellie got deep cleaned AND her sheeps wool fur sheared shaved.


  • had a nice visit with the mezzells. little cobra is a ham and a half!
  • hung out with my favorite 11th graders at sam’s deli!


  • set a clean & jerk PR of 95 pounds! woot!
  • went to counseling. 
  • did some shopping at jcp, urban outfitters, & target. overall, i have to say, i’m not a fan of this year’s spring clothes. which is bad for me, but good for our bank account. i did find a few good spring items, so my day shopping wasn’t totally for naught.
  • had dinner at cocina superior with casey’s family for abby’s birthday!
  • went so see a great band called neulore play at samford’s campus coffee shop. it was a good time, especially for leslie, who stole candy for us and got a poster.

candy thief!

leslie, being leslie.


  • got my eyes checked. 
  • went for a run around 1pm and it was WAY too hot for the black pants and jacket i decided to wear. oops.
  • got my hair cut. i love it!
  • got $1 steel city pops! to celebrate their new summit location opening SCP had $1 pops all day! casey got two flavors: blood orange and strawbery cream. strawberry cream was the winner. i got strawberry balsamic and it was fantastic!

blood orange & strawberry balsamic!


  • went for a run and wore appropriate clothes. 
  • went to jack’s 4th birthday party! this party was so cute and a lot of fun!! here are some highlights via picture:

awesome and delicious cake!



blowing out the candles!

me and mini darth vader.

you can see all the pictures here.

  • had wine club! march’s wine was varities of shiraz/syrah. the food pairing was pizza. it was all delicious!



  • went to st. junia’s easter sunrise service for late risers at crestwood park. the service was great and had a good turn out! we even had a sweet beagle named lucy in the congregation! after the service we obviously took easter pictures. 🙂

cleve, brooke, casey, me, mary katherine (who prefers googly eyes to closed eyes), & john

casey, john, mary katherine, me

me & casey! happy easter!

  • went to brunch at the bottletree with the john & MK. i love the bottletree. and john & MK.
  • went to see wreck it ralph at the dollar (50) theater with john & MK.

i thoroughly enjoyed my 5 day weekend and was sad when it ended, but lucky for me i have a job that i don’t dread going to and co-workers i like, so monday wasn’t so bad! 🙂


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