most of y’all know i lead an 11th grade girls fusion group with my friend halley. a while back the girls proposed that we take a fusion beach trip. so of course we made it happen!

on friday, the eight of us headed to panama city beach and safely arrived around 4:30 that afternoon. we stayed in an adorable condo with an amazing view that halley miraculously found still available on memorial day weekend.

ocean! those little specs are people.


once everything was unloaded and we were settled in, everyone went down to the beach while i went grocery shopping and picked up dinner. after we ate, we all walked on the beach for a bit and then did some pool swimming and hot tubbing. after that we went up to the condo and played a game called heads up. it was so silly and so much fun! i wish i had taken pictures while we were playing.

worn out from SO MUCH FUN!

saturday morning, at 5:30, i opened my eyes and this was the first thing i saw:

the ocean and the moon look good together.

it was quiet and calm and amazing. after admiring everything for several minutes, i ventured down to the gym to get my fitness on for about an hour, then moseyed over to starbucks to get some coffee. when i got back, everyone was awake and eating breakfast. this was my view while i enjoyed my bagel and coffee on the balcony:

look at those colors!

one of my favorite things that day was watching a small fever of stingrays swim around. i had to zoom way in, but you can see one in the picture below:

that black spec in the water is a stingray!

we headed down to the beach around 9:30 and stayed for a few hours. me and three of the girls decided to go for a walk. we calculated that we walked 3 miles round trip, which is a long way to walk barefoot in the sand. our feet and calves were killing us by the time we got back.

sand and surf.


we went back to the condo when we started to get hungry. we ate some sandwiches and chilled for a while. some of the girls went back down to the beach and pool and some of the girls (all the gingers) were beached out for the day, at least while the sun was still up, and relaxed in the condo/on the balcony.

after a while we started getting ready to go to dinner at the back porch. when we got there, there was a 45 minute wait, so we took the opportunity to walk down the the beach and get some group pictures.

our beautiful girls!

me and my littles!

we enjoyed dinner outside on the patio, which was a prime spot for people watching. we were thoroughly entertained.

the next morning, i woke the girls up around 7:30 so we’d have plenty of time to eat breakfast, clean up, pack, and be out of the condo by 10. at 9:45 we hit the road and headed back to the ham! we all made it back alive and in one piece, thank God!!

the trip was short, but definitely worth it! i had a blast! halley and i are so lucky to have such a fun and amazing group of girls! i’ve been with these girls since they were freshmen and next year they are going to be seniors and i can’t wait! i think it’s going to be our best year yet and we are definitely going to have to plan another trip. 🙂

you can see the rest of the pictures here.


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  1. caseypatton · May 28, 2013

    sad i wasn’t invited…

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