i’ve been married to this stud for seven years!


this year we celebrated by having dinner & drinks at stone hollow farmstead, a local farm of which i am a big fan! this was their first event open to the public, so it was exciting to be there.

i wasn’t sure what to except, but i certainly wasn’t excepting the farm to be as big and beautiful as it was!

not surprisingly, casey and i were the first to arrive.
here’s how the evening was structured:


oh hey, goat!

these goats make delicious cheese!

these pups keep wolves off the farm! they were so sweet and so sad to be locked up during the event.

this crazy cracker tried to come at me (in a friendly goat kind of way)!


horse friend! casey was scared of it.

horse friend! i was not scared of it.

it loved me!


aren’t we the cutest?

we drank lemon verbena margaritas and they were quite tasty!

6:30-7:30: DINNER

farm fabulous dinner table!

deviled egg, slaw, beets, chorizo grits, green beans, mac&cheese, roll, goat cheese, pickles, pork. all local, all fresh, all delicious!!

buttermilk pop with goat cheese caramel. it was absolutely delectable. seriously.

during dinner, one of the stallions kept running up and down his field. he was totally showing off. he’d run so fast and make it look like he wasn’t going to stop in time before hitting the gate, but then turn at the last second. it actually was pretty impressive. behold:

our date on the farm was super enjoyable. to me, it was so nice to get out of the city and into the alabama country. and it was awesome and inspirational to see and enjoy local farming at it’s finest.

but, mostly it was absolutely splendid to spend the evening with my best friend, my partner in life, my prince. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, CASEY! I LOVE YOU!!


since the posting of this blog, today, on our actual anniversary, casey surprised me at work with a pretty plant and a card. and tonight he’s taking me out. location TBD. 🙂


  1. caseypatton · June 17, 2013

    Thanks, Sheena!!!! I love YOU!!!! And that horse was HUGE!

  2. Halley · June 17, 2013

    Your captions made me laugh so hard. I’m glad you guys met and got married and became my friend.

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