orange beach with the davis family!

we spent 3 days at orange beach chillin’ with the davis family and it was great!

we basically did the same thing everyday: eat, beach, eat, pool, eat, lay around, eat, sleep, repeat. it was fabulous!

we threw putt-putt into the mix to change things up a bit. casey and i also went on a lovely dinner date.

big thanks to the davis family for letting us crash their family vacay and for their hospitality! we had fun!!!

here are some pictures!!


working hard on their kingdom.

casey, doing what he does best.

me, doing what i do best.

so awesome.

in case you are wondering, we did take some normal pictures too. most of them aren’t normal though. you can see all of them here.



  1. caseypatton · July 3, 2013


  2. caseypatton · July 3, 2013

    wait… what is it that i do best?

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