4th of july weekend randomness

i hope everyone had a good holiday weekend!  i sure did!

last month, casey won tickets to americanarama at the tuscaloosa amphitheater. so on wednesday, we drove down to watch my morning jacket, wilco, and bob dylan. it rained most of the time we were there, but it was mostly misty rain so it wasn’t that bad. the concert was enjoyable, but not awesome. i’m glad we went, but i’m also glad we didn’t pay for tickets. know what i’m sayin’?

half faces!

noses at the amphitheater!

cool sky.

my morning jacket.


bob dylan. somewhere under the heat lamps.

the 4th was spent at the jones’ manor. we ate, we talked, we played, and we ate some more.

while the food was cooking, rollins kept us busy!

take a look. it’s in a book.

i promise he loves me. 🙂

we’re cute.


the food took a little longer than expected, but it was well worth the wait!!

the menu
appetizer – seaside cheddar cheese with rosemary wafers (not pictured)

the main course – boston butt with slaw (cooked by the butt master himself, hank jones), “fried” squash & zucchini, summer succotash, home fries, & a walnut, pear, & cherry salad


dessert – oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

on friday, casey left to travel to memphis with his motorcycle gang.

tough guys.

on friday and sunday i got to hang out with some cool ladies! friday, halley and i ate dinner at taco mama then chilled at my house. sunday, amy and i ate lunch at whole foods and did some shopping. both dates were fabulous and much needed!! thanks girlfriends. 🙂

sunday afternoon, casey arrived home safe and sound. we hung out the rest of the day and watched two movies. naturally.


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