IMPACT goes to the beach!

i don’t know if you know this, but i work for an amazing organization with some awesome people. last weekend we were treated to a trip to gulf shores to engage in some team building and moral boosting. we also engaged in lots of food and lots of fun.

a few people, including myself, opted out of riding in the IMPACT van. lindsay was kind enough to let me, jaz, and alex hitch a ride in her car. we left around 3 on thursday.

almost there!

when we arrived we unloaded our stuff and headed out to enjoy a seafood dinner. after dinner we were all pretty exhausted so we called it a night. not before posing on some pirate ship cannons, though.

on friday morning i got up bright and early to get a workout in…then proceed to wait around for an hour and a half for everyone else to wake up. i killed time by taking selfies on the balcony.

me and the ocean from 17 floors up.

once everyone finally woke up, we ate breakfast then split up to do our own thing. after a publix run, alex and i headed down to the beach. we spent most of the day swimming and playing around. here’s what was documented…

jamie, alex, me, & judy (i don’t remember taking this picture AT ALL)

alex, frank, me, judy, sean, & taisha

lindsay, jaz, me, alex, judy, lacrecia, & taisha

booty smackin’ on the beach!!

that night we all ate dinner together and had a time of sharing. we all shared what brought us to IMPACT and what we liked about working there. at first i thought it was going to be cheesy, but it was actually pretty heart-warming. i’m glad we did it. 🙂

saturday, i got up early again to workout. it stormed for the first half of the day, but at one point it stopped so we ventured down to the beach. it wasn’t long before it started to storm again, but before it did i got some sweet pictures of the storm rolling in over the ocean.

while it was storming we just wandered around the condos to each others rooms. eventually around 2 or 3 it stopped raining so we went down to the beach again. we hijacked some dude’s football and threw it around in the water for at least an hour. ’twas fun. my throwing arm was sore the next day!

before dinner, we gathered for a group picture. look how awesome we are!!

my IMPACT family!

after dinner,  a lot of us hung out, drank daiquiris, and played battle of the sexes. it was pretty hilarious. i can’t remember what time we went to bed, but it was after 1. fun times!

sunday morning, we packed up and headed home. the trip was so much fun and i’m so glad i got to go! i’m already looking forward to next year’s trip!! 😉

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