bruise documentation

i’m tired of people asking me what my abundance of bruises are from and my standard response of, “i dunno. i probably just ran into something.” that doesn’t sound suspicious at all, right? also, the “do i need to call the police” jokes are getting old. poor casey…in the nine years i’ve been with him, i’ve NEVER seen him comment an act of violence (unless you count murdering bugs or that one time he tried to punch a crowd surfer at a cake concert).

so i’m documenting anything that happens that could potentially cause a bruise. so far i have three entries:

while doing weighted pull-ups, an 18 pound kettle bell hit my left leg just under my knee.

casey threw bella’s rope and she launched herself off my right thigh to try and catch it.

i hit my left shin with a barbell while working out.

that’s all. for now.


One comment

  1. caseypatton · August 15, 2013

    he deserved it! stupid punk.

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